Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love Odes!

My friend Katie is in a writing class right now. She and I met for a couple of after-hours beverages the other night and laughed about her prof in the class who made them listen to recordings of people reading poems. Somehow, we started talking about Odes and writing them for her prof. After Tim's little incident this weekend I decided to write him and Ode.

Ode to Tim's Face

Once long and slender
Now marred with red streaks
His pale blue eyes glittering with fear
The tiny floor duster canine springing into action
Then the calm realization that my husband's face is a chew toy.

Today I received an email from Katie with the following message.

Here is what I did for you today in my meeting:

Ode to Sarah

Sarah of the curly hair
Friendly eyes and skin so fair
Your stories are so sweet and funny
They make me laugh just like the Easter Bunny
She is so kind to all her friends
True of heart until the end
But the best part is that she
Likes to swear as much as me

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