Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Scene

The Throne--decorated by Robyn.

Fabulous food signs created by Tim.

Yes, we're using the brown paper again from our wedding. Seriously, the best buys we've ever made.

My Winnie-the-Pooh and Kanga hand crafted by my Grandmother and Frankie's cakes. The best one made by Frankie's Auntie Peach (Amanda) just for him.

Before the Party

Grandma Nancy and Grandpa John with Frankie

Grandma Connie and Frankie

Frankie and his Grandparents

Frankie got a great set of musical instruments from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa John.

Playing Band

Frankie's new favorite toy--a box!

Playing around.

Reading with Tia Leah.

Frankie and the vintage piggy bank that Tia Leah got him.

He thought it was pretty funny!

Opening his first gift from Matt and Robyn--a wiener book!

And a book about a boy and his fish. A very practical present since Frankie just got his first fish.

A Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You see puzzle and book from Sharon and Jim.

Frankie and Daddy opening up a gift.

The Party Prep

For Frankie's Birthday Party a wonderful group of friends and family members volunteered to help make food, decorate and just lend a helping hand. A big thank you to Kristen, Sarah G., J9, Kate, Robyn and Grandma Nancy for making delicious food for the party. Thank you to Robyn, Leah, Barb and my mom for helping to decorate. Thank you to PJ and Grandma Nancy for all the wonderful pictures from the party. Thank you to Auntie Peach (Amanda) for creating the most awesome cake ever! A enormous thank you to Barb and Lee for allowing us to use their church basement for the party, helping to coordinate the party, cleaning up and for taking care of our son for the last year three days a week. You are both amazing people!

An up-close look at the food cards that Tim created for the party.

Piglet shaped play-dough.

Pooh shaped play-dough.

Mom cooking up the play-dough.

Frankie modeling the #1 t-shirt I created for him.

I used some of my grandmother's old vintage fabric with bicycles on it.

A Gift for Anthony

I recycled onesie with some vintage fabric that I cut into a little teddy bear. Welcome to the world Anthony Michael Dawe!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project #2 Happy Birthday William

Here's the newest project made from some old material that was my grandmother's. I made it for Frankie's buddy at daycare who just turned 1 last week.

Welcome Speedy and Gonzales Dallum

Only got a picture of Gonzales! Speedy is well too fast.

Frankie enjoying his new fish and a snack.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Powderhorn Empty Bowls

Third Annual Powderhorn Empty Bowls!

Friday, November 6, 2009