Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Libby's Visit

Happy hour: Cass, Libs, Molly and Sarah.

Brunch at our place.

Jarad, Camille, Avalon, Sarah, Frankie and Tim

The the same as above plus Libs and Chris.

Libs and Sarah at the U of MN.

Chris and Sarah

Tim, Frankie and Chris on a walk at the U of MN.

Frankie at the U of MN.

Cass and Frankie at the BBQ.

Libs, Frankie and Cass

Libs and Frankie

Libs, Jack and Chris

The Gang

Libs, Sarah and Frankie

Frankie and his giggles

Sarah and Libs

The Front Garden and Frank

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Future Musician?

Thanks Kristen for letting us play with your toys!
Tim trying out the drum set before he lets Frank get started.

This is Frankie looking ready to scream a song.

Let's start with the drums first.

Now the cymbals.

Wow! He seems really interested, but I think he was just really tired.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Frankie Loves Water

Our good friend Kristen bought Frankie this pool for our BBQ today. Here's some pics of him at home enjoying it for the second time today.

The next pictures are from Neighbor/Auntie Laura who also bought a pool for Frankie and the rest of us to play in this summer.

Frankie after his swim.

Warm sun on a little body.

Friday, July 17, 2009

An Eight Month Reflection...

It's been 8 wonderful months so far! Today I decided to create a little collection of pictures from the last months that I think really show of Franklin's personality. The pictures were converted to Polaroid look-a-likes by www.poladroid.net! Thank you to all of our friends and family for all your wonderful love and support. We truly believe it takes a community to raise a child the proof is below.
8lbs 8oz
1st Month:
Sleeping, eating and pooping.

2nd Month:
Smiles and coos.

3rd Month:
Picked up first toy, first shots, and loves Bear blanket.

4th Month:
Sucks fingers, lots of drool, tries to roll, loves tummy time, and loves to babble.

5th Month:
Rolls over, eats cereal, loves toys and laughs out loud.

6th Month:
Sits up, raises chest, tries fruits and veggies and loves books.

7th Month:
Up on all 4's, scoots backwards, first tooth and loves animals.

8th Month:
Second tooth, creeps, tries finger foods, commando crawl, and loves music.