Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Pics

Radar and Snack visiting Frankie.

After his first bath at home.
Not very happy with his bath.

Getting ready for his first bath.

Frankie's first swing ride.

Sleeping during Thanksgiving in the cradle from Auntie Amanda and Uncle Marc, Jack and Max.

More Visitors

Neighbor Mason and Frankie

Frankie, Holly, Sarah and Layla

Auntie Sarah, Abigail, Eleanor and Frankie

Frankie, Uncle Chris, Abigail and Auntie Sarah

Emily and Frankie

Frankie, Lynn and Coons

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Franklin's Faces


Grandma Coonie
Granma Nancy, Grandpa John and Auntie Allie
Auntie Allie

Grandma Nancy

Grandpa John

Aunt Kathy

Grandma Coonie


Robyn, Matt and Frankie

Neighbor Laura and Frankie
Pete, Heather and Frankie

Fish, Kristen and Frankie

Katie, Sarah and Frankie

Miranda, Scott and Frankie

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Pictures


Frank showing off his muscles


First Family Photo

Time to go home
Dr. Miller and Frank

Mom and Baby

Monday, November 17, 2008

Franklin Richard Dallum

8lb 8oz
21.75 in
1:47 am Sunday Nov 16

Frankie and Mommy


Eyes wide open

Frank and Dad

Grandma and Frank

First Bath

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OBGYN Update

Okay so really there's nothing too new to report. We're at the hooo hummm stage. I haven't gained any weight since last week (anyone surprised??), his head is low and I'm up to full capacity measuring 40cms. Dr. M says I should be heading back down the cm trail as he sinks lower into my pelvis. I listened and watched 20 minutes of his heartbeat and some mini contractions, which Dr. M said all looked fine. I did tell Dr. M that my BH contractions have moved from high up on the belly to below my belly button and that I'm having more cramps than just pressure. Dr. M says it's just a waiting game now. I told him about Coonsie's arrival this Saturday and he told me to bring her to next Friday's appt.--"that is if you make it till then" he said with his usual sly smile.

We've taken some bets so far for an actual birth date...

Mom (me): 11-23-08
Dad (Tim): 11-19-08
Leah: 11-22-08
Robyn: 11-17-08
Angi: 11-14-08
Christopher 11/25
Sarah G.: 11/30 (my grampa's b-day)
Eleanor: 11/15
Abigail: 11/19

Please feel free to email me the date you think Frank the Tank will emerge. I think it's pretty amusing to guess and I'll keep the list going. Belly pictures soon I promise!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Things Accomplished

I have to say that Tim and I are a great team. We have really accomplished so much in the last three months I really can't believe it. We're ready and when I say ready it mostly likely means more ready than most people I know would be when they are expecting their first child. I mean the OCD came on really strong in the last month. Tim was a total trooper and stuck through my crazy mood swings and never ending list. Besides cleaning the kitchen everything else on our list is done! Just to show how completely insane I am I'm posting a list below so you can all laugh at me.

Sarah's List
-Clean pantry, dinning room, living room, hall, stairway, bathroom, baby's room and our bedroom. This included hands and knees, floor to ceiling, take everything out, sort through it and put it away, get rid of the excess, and wash cleaning.
-Clean drapes in every room.
-Go through new and used baby clothes and wash.
-Wash cloth diapers.
-Finish thank you's.
-Clean and prepare front garden for winter.
-Mow lawn.
-Finish birth plan.
-Finish phone tree list.
-Take two birthing classes.
-Try to see all our friends one last time before F comes.
-Go out of town every weekend until the beginning of November.
-Attend car seat clinic.
-Pick pediatrician.

Tim's List
-Clean basement.
-Clean and put away backyard garden items.
-Finish furnace items including rebates and repairs.
-Clean and detail car.
-Install car seat and go to car seat clinic.
-Pick pediatrician and meet him with a list of detailed questions that your wife has provided you with.
-Install bathroom fan, which isn't the easiest when the electrical wiring in your house is super old and weird!
-Move everything and anything your crazy wife wants you to at any point during any day and make sure to drop any project your working on right that minute or else she'll get pissed.
-Try to stop your wife from cleaning so much!
-Hug your wife as she cries for the 5th time that day looking at baby clothes.
-Go out of town every weekend because your wife wants to even though you would rather sit at home and enjoy the peace and quiet before the Franklin Dallum storm hits.

Okay, okay I admit most of Tim's list has to do with taking care of me, but truly I couldn't have made it through all this without his never ending support. He's an amazing man and every day I feel lucky to have him in my life. He's going to be an incredible father and we're going to be an incredible team. I know we'll make tons of mistakes, but hopefully we're sane enough to laugh at them and move forward.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

OBGYN Update!

We had our OBGYN appointment today with Dr. M. I told him about all the contractions and pressure I've been feeling since our last appointment 2 weeks ago. I also told him that I've pretty much given up cleaning, which is a huge change from even last week. I noticed this as we were driving to the appt today. I just don't have the energy to do anything anymore and I can't ever get comfortable. Although I got up off the bed to go grocery shopping last night! Anyways, Dr. M gave me the Group B Strep test and checked me. No, I'm not dilated at all, but my cervix is very low. He did an ultrasound and confirmed that the head is down and we watched Frankie's heart for a little bit. I'm measuring 37.5cms and I'm 36.5 weeks. He said that was fine. He noticed my water retention and lack of circulation and said told me my body was getting ready and it wouldn't be long. Then, he decided to put me on a fetal monitor to watch Frankie's heart beat. Because I have G. Diabetes the placenta is more likely to not be able to support Frankie as long as it should. So, I sat for about 15 minutes and watched my boy kick my belly as his heart rate went up and down. I also had a couple of mild contractions while I was there. Dr. M has requested that I have a Biophysical Profile (BPP) next Friday. Here's a quick definition:

A biophysical profile (BPP) test measures the health of your baby (fetus) during pregnancy. A BPP test may include a nonstress test with electronic fetal heart monitoring and a fetal ultrasound. The BPP measures your baby's heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby.

My next OBGYN appt is Tuesday, November 11th. Mom comes in 8 days!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Diabetes...The Last Appointment

I'm here to report that yesterday I had my last endocrinology appointment! Dr. F was impressed with all of my numbers and said that she predicts that the baby and I won't have any problems after birth. According to her scale I gained 2lbs. back from last time, but she noted that I am holding a bunch of water weight now. Yes, I have officially removed my wedding rings and they are on a necklace around my neck. I figured I'd better do that now before I risk losing a finger!

Tomorrow we have an appt with Dr. M my OBGYN. We should know if I'm dilated and/or a better estimate of Frankie's weight. At this point I'm having more and more BH contractions everyday and have been truly laying low. Meaning I come home from work and immediately run to the couch for comfort. My face is breaking out and everything seems to just hurt. Are we getting close....I think so. 9 days till my mom gets here!

Just a little side admission. I'm completely and truly emotional about everything now. From looking at little outfits and realizing I get to hold MY baby soon to my love for Tim growing leaps and bounds. Everything and anyone makes me cry...

Till tomorrow!

Frankie Reports from the polls...

It took Dad two hours to vote.
It took Mom one hour and a chili cheese hot dog to vote.
Mom and Dad stayed up till 11 to watch the results.
Mom cried with relief and joy that hope and change will be a part of my childhood.