Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Diabetes...The Last Appointment

I'm here to report that yesterday I had my last endocrinology appointment! Dr. F was impressed with all of my numbers and said that she predicts that the baby and I won't have any problems after birth. According to her scale I gained 2lbs. back from last time, but she noted that I am holding a bunch of water weight now. Yes, I have officially removed my wedding rings and they are on a necklace around my neck. I figured I'd better do that now before I risk losing a finger!

Tomorrow we have an appt with Dr. M my OBGYN. We should know if I'm dilated and/or a better estimate of Frankie's weight. At this point I'm having more and more BH contractions everyday and have been truly laying low. Meaning I come home from work and immediately run to the couch for comfort. My face is breaking out and everything seems to just hurt. Are we getting close....I think so. 9 days till my mom gets here!

Just a little side admission. I'm completely and truly emotional about everything now. From looking at little outfits and realizing I get to hold MY baby soon to my love for Tim growing leaps and bounds. Everything and anyone makes me cry...

Till tomorrow!

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