Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sesame Street Live

Dad got Frank tickets to go see Sesame Street Live today! What a huge deal for the little boy who sleeps everynight with Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Big Bird, Cookie and two Grovers (one is new and one was Daddy's as a little boy). Frank also know the words to every character's specific song: Ernie "Rubber Duckie," Bert "Doin' Pigeon," Oscar "I Love Trash," Cookie "C is for Cookie," Grover "Monster in the Mirror," etc. We had a great time and besides a couple of shocking moments Frank loved it.

Super Grover

Frank and Will

Frank and Will

Bert and Ernie

Frank watching the show.

The whole SS crew.

The Dallums at Sesame Street.

Na-Na and Frank

Daddy and Frank

Mommy and Frank


Frank is obsessed with musical instruments of all kinds. He plays piano at our neighbors' house, drums at our place and recently during Christmas played a guitar at his cousins house. Frank's cousin Maxy-Moo-Moo had a Paper Jamz guitar and Frank fell in love with it. So, our good friend Ryan got Frank one for Christmas. Here's a couple of recent pictures of Frank playing with his new toy.