Friday, June 29, 2007

Pink is my signature color...

Okay so maybe it's not my favorite color, but it seems to be coming up everywhere in my garden. Sparklegirl (my neighbor) would definitely not approve (wink wink). Although she has expressed the need to get rid of some cone flowers in her garden that are just to pink for her and I am ready to accept that wonderful gift. I can always squeeze a new plant into my garden.

Last night Tim and I started planning our trip to Yellow Stone National Park in late August. We'll be staying one night in around Mt. Rushmore on the way there and then we'll stay in Yellow Stone for 4 nights and come home. The reservation system is pretty bad so Tim has to call today to make sure there are spots open for us before we request any time off. We're pretty excited though. It will be over our first anniversary. For some reason (I don't know if it's just me) I thought you could swim in the hot springs. Tim kept laughing at me last night because I was determined to find something that says that you can. Alas, I found nothing but I still want to go. I really had no idea how big the park is. We're going to have our hands full not being too busy. I can't wait to go....

Today I go back to the doctor for a check up. It will be great to see my doctor again. He's sucha nice guy. We have dinner with the Gacek clan at 6 and a full weekend ahead of us. Oh and by the way Pirate Master last night was a tense one. Poor Sean that's what you get for backstabbing people. I think Jay's going to win the whole thing.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Who says sliding isn't a good idea???

Kickball Team 2007

Last night was game three of the summer season. As you can see our team was full form. We're called Balls of Glory. And that we were last night with a finish of 10-6 we won. Although at the top of the 7th (there are only 7 innings in kickball, 50 minute games) we got a little let's say full of ourselves and let 5 runs go to the other team before kicking it into high gear and getting the last out. I think it was in the 5th inning although I really don't remember that I decided to slide into first while grabbing the butt of the first baseman. Whoops. Injuries noted above. I would say at this point I'm a top notch kickball player and I just had to give my all. After the hurrah of fellow teammate HT's birthday bash at Psycho Suzies and some wine during the game I wasn't feeling much of the knee pain. This morning I woke up with my knee and foot blazing like they were seriously on fire and a serious headache. That what you get for for pushing yourself athletically like I'm so prone to do on a regular basis. On a side note Tim made some fantastic lemon bars from the cookbook GMA J gave me for my birthday. They were great and we had MH over for dinner and then he played some kickball with us. It was a whirlwind night I tell you.

Now to work...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Nights

6-27-07 Peas and Beans

6-27-07 The Deck 6-27-07 Heirlooms, Peppers, Herbs and Nasturtiums

Last night I canned 8 jars of strawberry jam in the most stifling heat ever. Tim was making bars for Heather's 26th birthday and I was canning. The heat in our kitchen was amazing (not just because of our natural beauty). The jam turned out great--I had some on a piece of toast today. We met up with our friends MW and RW at Britts to watch MW in his lawn bowling league. The sunset was perfectly amazing bright raspberry pink and purple. I reminded me of cotton candy. I don't think I've ever been to the roof at Britts before. We drank these great cocktails called bootleggers: lemonade, mint, tonic and your choice of spike. They were so refreshing...MW and I decided we would try to recreate them this weekend. We'll see how that goes. MW and RW just got back from a trip to Italy. Talking to them it reminded me that I want to do more traveling...Yellow Stone here we come.

Other than that life is pretty calm. I watered the garden this morning because it was nice and cool out--thank goodness. Tonight we have kickball. MH is coming over for dinner. I'm going to take some pics of kickball tonight to show you all how amazingly sporty I am.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Things for the Dallums

The squash vines are growing and I've decided to create a new blog since the last one we created won't continue for a while. This blog is going to be about us the "Backyard Dallums." Tim and I are really starting to connect and we're pretty busy people (not to be too darn sappy) and this will be a good place for me to go when I get upset with him and forget all the wonderful things we do/are together--like that ever happens!

For now here's the news. We spent a long and glorious weekend at Lake Elora with Tim's family. Pictures to come later. The boys (Max and Jack) were in full form and the weather was just amazing. It was fun to just relax. I know I keep talking to all my friends about losing myself and getting the real Sarah back, but that's just it. I'm not a nervous and scared person in fact I'm pretty happy and positive lady and I'm starting to gain some of that back. Actually, I think Tim and I are both starting to just feel like us again... We've grown a lot in the past few weeks. The next couple of months will be about summer!

More later....