Monday, June 25, 2007

New Things for the Dallums

The squash vines are growing and I've decided to create a new blog since the last one we created won't continue for a while. This blog is going to be about us the "Backyard Dallums." Tim and I are really starting to connect and we're pretty busy people (not to be too darn sappy) and this will be a good place for me to go when I get upset with him and forget all the wonderful things we do/are together--like that ever happens!

For now here's the news. We spent a long and glorious weekend at Lake Elora with Tim's family. Pictures to come later. The boys (Max and Jack) were in full form and the weather was just amazing. It was fun to just relax. I know I keep talking to all my friends about losing myself and getting the real Sarah back, but that's just it. I'm not a nervous and scared person in fact I'm pretty happy and positive lady and I'm starting to gain some of that back. Actually, I think Tim and I are both starting to just feel like us again... We've grown a lot in the past few weeks. The next couple of months will be about summer!

More later....

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