Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Nights

6-27-07 Peas and Beans

6-27-07 The Deck 6-27-07 Heirlooms, Peppers, Herbs and Nasturtiums

Last night I canned 8 jars of strawberry jam in the most stifling heat ever. Tim was making bars for Heather's 26th birthday and I was canning. The heat in our kitchen was amazing (not just because of our natural beauty). The jam turned out great--I had some on a piece of toast today. We met up with our friends MW and RW at Britts to watch MW in his lawn bowling league. The sunset was perfectly amazing bright raspberry pink and purple. I reminded me of cotton candy. I don't think I've ever been to the roof at Britts before. We drank these great cocktails called bootleggers: lemonade, mint, tonic and your choice of spike. They were so refreshing...MW and I decided we would try to recreate them this weekend. We'll see how that goes. MW and RW just got back from a trip to Italy. Talking to them it reminded me that I want to do more traveling...Yellow Stone here we come.

Other than that life is pretty calm. I watered the garden this morning because it was nice and cool out--thank goodness. Tonight we have kickball. MH is coming over for dinner. I'm going to take some pics of kickball tonight to show you all how amazingly sporty I am.

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