Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Happy Pirate New Year to Yar!

Argh and Happy New Year's to you all. My friend Robyn gave me the good idea of embroidering some onesies for Frankie. So, I went to this great fabric store Crafty Planet with Coons and got some pirate themed embroidery transfers. The one you see below is a cute little pirate boat. Hope you enjoy the pictures. The first one is a random smile in the middle of a crying fit because Frankie was super tired and didn't want to pose for any of mom's crazy pictures. I guess he'll have to get used to that. Hope you all have a wonderful night!
Smilin' Pirate

Crazy-Eyed Pirate

Sleepy Pirate

Inquisitive Pirate

Crabby Pirate

One-Eyed Pirate

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Libby and Frankie

Sarah, Libby and Frankie

Libby takes a rest with Frankie.

Coons and Frances

Frances snuggling Frankie.

Lois and Frankie

Stephen and Frankie

Mols and Frankie

Frances and Frankie

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all you faithful readers out there. We miss you all and wish you could be here to celebrate with us. We are truly thankful for all of your love and support this year and feel extremely blessed to be a part of your lives.
Today Grandma Nancy, Grandpa John and Auntie Allie came down for a visit from Duluth with presents galore. It was wonderful spending time with them. Frankie's been unusually hungry and cranky the past day and we think he's going through a mini growth spurt. Grandma Nancy did a great job calming him down between his feedings. Grandpa John took a good snooze while cuddling Frankie after lunch. Auntie Allie made a fantastic camouflage blanket for Frankie with his name that he loves already! We spent time playing cards and holding the kiddo.
Frankie's cutest picture this week!
Mom, Dad, Grandma Connie and Frankie.

Mom, Grandma Connie and Frankie.

Mom, Dad and Frankie.

Grandma Connie and Frankie.

Grandpa John, Grandma Nancy and Frankie in the blanket Auntie Allie made for him.

The three generations: Grandpa John, Tim and Frankie.

Frankie and Auntie Allie.

Hanging out with Pops.

Frankie's Christmas outfit given by Janet, Willie, Wil and Jack Willett. And by coincidence Auntie Allie gave Frankie the matching hat.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Frankie takes his first look at his crib.

Frankie staring at a wooden toy in his swing wearing his Christmas Eve outfit from the Milwaukee cousins and wearing a hat from Auntie Christina.

Frankie sporting a newly embroidered onesie from Robyn and a sweater and hat the Grandma Willett made for Mom (Sarah) when she was little.

Grandma Connie holds Frankie wearing his "Big Boy" outfit.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just plain cute!

Frankie's first...

time on the tummy
Frankie wasn't that happy about it.

time in a wrap
time at Auntie Janine place

time with Judie

Happy Graduation!

time in his high chair

Monday, December 15, 2008

Franklin Loves Auntie Leah!

This weekend Auntie Leah came to visit from sunny LA on the coldest weekend so far this winter season. Frankie and Auntie Leah fell instantly in love, though Frankie got a little annoyed at the amount of kisses he received from her. We all decided that Frankie's new nickname is Pig-Lo since he has an overly healthy appetite. Here's some pictures from Leah's visit! We love you and miss you already NERD!

Frankie taking a bath.

Frankie clearing his lungs.

Frankie with Auntie Leah getting ready to go to a party.

Mom, dad and Frankie at Matt's Bar getting ready to eat Juicy Lucys.

Leah and Grams at Matt's Bar.

After Frankie's bath.
Gettin' some burps out.

Baking cookies.

Giving Frankie a bath.

Lookin' cute.