Monday, December 15, 2008

Franklin Loves Auntie Leah!

This weekend Auntie Leah came to visit from sunny LA on the coldest weekend so far this winter season. Frankie and Auntie Leah fell instantly in love, though Frankie got a little annoyed at the amount of kisses he received from her. We all decided that Frankie's new nickname is Pig-Lo since he has an overly healthy appetite. Here's some pictures from Leah's visit! We love you and miss you already NERD!

Frankie taking a bath.

Frankie clearing his lungs.

Frankie with Auntie Leah getting ready to go to a party.

Mom, dad and Frankie at Matt's Bar getting ready to eat Juicy Lucys.

Leah and Grams at Matt's Bar.

After Frankie's bath.
Gettin' some burps out.

Baking cookies.

Giving Frankie a bath.

Lookin' cute.

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