Friday, October 31, 2008

Later Halloween Night...

Kate, Tim and PJ sit together on the bench that would later fall apart due to Tim's weight!

The medals: Greco Roman Wrestlers with mustaches against Volleyball and the Angel. A five dollar bill with talk of Lincoln and Obama. Scott and Tim were on a roll.

Kate, Libby, Tim and Sarah. Notice Tim's belly showing.

Libby, Sarah and Tim

The Guys!

Kate and Sarah

Tim, Sarah, PJ and Chad

Happy Halloween

Juno and Bleaker: Guess I'm a little bigger than she was!

The Original
The Imposters

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Frankie's bigger than this pumpkin.

Tim, Sarah, Max and Jack
The moms

Max enjoying a ride.

Sharing a pumpkin moment.

The Dallums and their pumkins.

The boys and their pumpkins.

Max looking for a pumpkin for Franklin.

The brothers

The Dallums picking apples.

Max and Tim

One large pumpkin.

35 Weeks and Counting

Relaxing with Radar

35 weeks

We had another appt with the diabetes nurse and Dr. M on Friday. All of the blood levels look really good and the nurse was impressed with my after birth weight goals. I'm hoping all this crazy weight loss propels me into a perpetual normal weight level. I thinking sticking closer to the diabetes diet I've been on will really help my body maintain it's ideal weight. What can I say my metabolism really likes when I eat meals all day long. As for the OBGYN appt, I lost another 2lbs. so we're back at -8lbs, great blood pressure, still measuring 36cms, and great heart beat. The fact that Frankie and I leveled off the growth is really substantial since last time we went to see Dr. M I measured 36cms and was only 32.5 weeks. Last Friday we were 34.5 weeks--turning 35 weeks on Sunday. Dr. M was really happy with everything. We talked about some new pains I was having and he said they we're probably just my bones separating in preparation. Ohhhh speaking of preparation....

We took our first birthing class at Methodist Hospital. It was great. Our instructor (from NY) was full of funny and positive tales. She talked about all the stages of labor, distractions we can use (aromatherapy, music therapy, massage), pre-labor detection and the different positions for labor. The Methodist birthing rooms are beautiful. Nicer than some hotel rooms I've stayed in. They have TV's, DVD players, CD players, private bathrooms with really deep tubs and hard wood floors. We learned some breathing exercises and some ideas to mix things up during labor. It was a great class altogether. We go for our last one this Saturday.

This weekend Tim put in an exhaust fan in the bathroom, I washed the pre-fold diapers, cleaned the baby's room from top to bottom, cleaned and organized the bathroom from top to bottom and then Sunday had my first Braxton Hicks contractions. I thought I might have experienced them before, but we were standing in Target and all of a sudden I told Tim to wait and my whole belly seized up. It was as hard as my forehead, which our birthing class instructor told us was a sign. We went home and I laid down and drank a lot of water. I knew they weren't real because they didn't hurt and didn't progress, but I will totally admit that I got really scared. So, I took yesterday off to catch up on some much needed sleep and did nothing all day. Tim and Molly spent all of last night teasing me about my need to over work myself. I know part of it is nesting and I know another part of it is that I want everything to be perfect for Frankie's arrival and I don't think he's going to wait the full 5 weeks. Coonsie gets here in 3 weeks and I've officially told Frankie that he has to wait until Saturday, November 15th to start anything. Knowing my son he's not going to pay much attention to my instructions.

I have to admit that the "TO DO LIST" keep getting longer every week, but I'm trying to make sure I manage my time better so that I actually get some time to hang out with Tim before we become officially 3! This weekend was a good lesson in slowing down, not that I haven't heard that before. This weekend should be full of fun: a Halloween party, Frances' birthday party, and another shower! Till we have more news.....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Group Picture

Here's another group shot from almost two months ago. Wow have we all changed!
At this point on August 24th we are Holly (30wks), Miranda (28wks), Sarah (26wks) and Sarah (22wks).

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Scottie Shower

On Saturday I had another wonderful shower hosted by two of my Twin Cities ladies. It was awesome to see how many creative, smart and inspiring women are supporting our family. There were book club ladies, kickball ladies, old work friends and new friends. They surprised me with a super creative diaper cake filled with 24 pre-fold cloth diapers, 6 small diaper wraps, two bath items, socks, numerous bottles and two great wooden toys. Just what we needed. We also got some great books, blankets, screen printed clothes, hats, onsies, shoes, music, toys and organizational baskets. We had great Frank-inspired food and two different kinds of cupcakes. I let the diabetes tracking go for a couple of hours and splurged on a pumpkin spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Each of the ladies wrote down some words of wisdom on a note card and I'm going to put them all in Frankie's baby book. I'll have to get started now with all the great pictures I have.
Diaper Cake

Opening a present.
I'm super excited about something!

Miss Cass and Miss Robyn. Two wonderful hostesses!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

33 Weeks

Per Coonsie's instructions here is a bare belly picture today. Technically tomorrow I hit the 33 week mark, but I thought I would cheat a little. Things are going well. We saw Dr. M yesterday and heard the heart beat. Two weeks ago at my 30.5 week appt I measure 31cm, which is right on target. Yesterday at my 32.5 week appt I measured 36cm. Apparently our little Frankie had a very large growth spurt over the last few weeks. I also finally started gaining some weight. I'm now only -6lbs. That means I gained 3 lbs over the last two weeks. Dr. M didn't seem too concerned over the big growth spurt, but mentioned that if I measure extremely big at my next two week appt they will send me in for an ultrasound. At this point he thinks I might be carrying some extra fluid. Other than that all is well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple Time!

On the hay ride.

Lynn, Emma and Sarah

Franklin's fist apple picking experience.

Sarah and Tim

Greg picking apples--what a great dad!

The Litte Ladies-Olivia and Emma.

Even Uncle Mac picks apples.

Lynn and Tim

Sarah, Greg, Lynn Mac
Margie and Sarah

Lynn and Sarah

Shower Surprise!

This weekend we made a trip down to Milwaukee to see my cousins and uncle and aunt. Radar came along too and did a great job on the 5 hour car ride. We spent some time at the dog park with Lynn's new black lab Kirby and had an unexpected baby shower thrown for us at Margie and Greg's house Saturday night. I cannot express how lucky we feel to be so blessed by all of the friends and family we have around us.
Tim and Sarah at the apple orchard.

Baby clothes and blankets from the cousins, Uncle Mac and Auntie Sue.

Space Saver Highchair that attaches to our dining room chairs. This was given by the surprise guest of the evening my mother's long time best friend Carol who drove over to Greg's for the shower. I was totally shocked. It was like having my mom there. Carol and her husband Tom have been a part of every major event in my life and are a continual support system for my mom.

Hats, gloves and our first pair of big boy footsie pj's. This was given by Carol and Tom's daughter Martha who couldn't make it to the shower. Martha and I grew up being home schooled together in WI. She's now a lawyer!

Tim opening the grooming kit from Lisa and Auntie Sue.

Tim smiling at the diapers...?

The cousins: Lynn, Lisa, Margie, Willie, Janet and Greg. One couldn't really ask for a better group of family members.
Uncle Mac

Auntie Sue

Our Special Guest Carol.