Saturday, October 11, 2008

33 Weeks

Per Coonsie's instructions here is a bare belly picture today. Technically tomorrow I hit the 33 week mark, but I thought I would cheat a little. Things are going well. We saw Dr. M yesterday and heard the heart beat. Two weeks ago at my 30.5 week appt I measure 31cm, which is right on target. Yesterday at my 32.5 week appt I measured 36cm. Apparently our little Frankie had a very large growth spurt over the last few weeks. I also finally started gaining some weight. I'm now only -6lbs. That means I gained 3 lbs over the last two weeks. Dr. M didn't seem too concerned over the big growth spurt, but mentioned that if I measure extremely big at my next two week appt they will send me in for an ultrasound. At this point he thinks I might be carrying some extra fluid. Other than that all is well.

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Leah said...

Such a beautiful Preggers!!! You are geeting pretty ginormous!!!