Monday, October 6, 2008

Shower Surprise!

This weekend we made a trip down to Milwaukee to see my cousins and uncle and aunt. Radar came along too and did a great job on the 5 hour car ride. We spent some time at the dog park with Lynn's new black lab Kirby and had an unexpected baby shower thrown for us at Margie and Greg's house Saturday night. I cannot express how lucky we feel to be so blessed by all of the friends and family we have around us.
Tim and Sarah at the apple orchard.

Baby clothes and blankets from the cousins, Uncle Mac and Auntie Sue.

Space Saver Highchair that attaches to our dining room chairs. This was given by the surprise guest of the evening my mother's long time best friend Carol who drove over to Greg's for the shower. I was totally shocked. It was like having my mom there. Carol and her husband Tom have been a part of every major event in my life and are a continual support system for my mom.

Hats, gloves and our first pair of big boy footsie pj's. This was given by Carol and Tom's daughter Martha who couldn't make it to the shower. Martha and I grew up being home schooled together in WI. She's now a lawyer!

Tim opening the grooming kit from Lisa and Auntie Sue.

Tim smiling at the diapers...?

The cousins: Lynn, Lisa, Margie, Willie, Janet and Greg. One couldn't really ask for a better group of family members.
Uncle Mac

Auntie Sue

Our Special Guest Carol.

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