Monday, October 13, 2008

A Scottie Shower

On Saturday I had another wonderful shower hosted by two of my Twin Cities ladies. It was awesome to see how many creative, smart and inspiring women are supporting our family. There were book club ladies, kickball ladies, old work friends and new friends. They surprised me with a super creative diaper cake filled with 24 pre-fold cloth diapers, 6 small diaper wraps, two bath items, socks, numerous bottles and two great wooden toys. Just what we needed. We also got some great books, blankets, screen printed clothes, hats, onsies, shoes, music, toys and organizational baskets. We had great Frank-inspired food and two different kinds of cupcakes. I let the diabetes tracking go for a couple of hours and splurged on a pumpkin spice cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Each of the ladies wrote down some words of wisdom on a note card and I'm going to put them all in Frankie's baby book. I'll have to get started now with all the great pictures I have.
Diaper Cake

Opening a present.
I'm super excited about something!

Miss Cass and Miss Robyn. Two wonderful hostesses!

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Scott and Miranda said...

Hey Sarah! I just saw that you posted a comment on our blog way back. I didn't know you kept a blog. And you keep it well! You have inspired me to start posting on it as well. So far it has just been Scott.--M