Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OBGYN Update

Okay so really there's nothing too new to report. We're at the hooo hummm stage. I haven't gained any weight since last week (anyone surprised??), his head is low and I'm up to full capacity measuring 40cms. Dr. M says I should be heading back down the cm trail as he sinks lower into my pelvis. I listened and watched 20 minutes of his heartbeat and some mini contractions, which Dr. M said all looked fine. I did tell Dr. M that my BH contractions have moved from high up on the belly to below my belly button and that I'm having more cramps than just pressure. Dr. M says it's just a waiting game now. I told him about Coonsie's arrival this Saturday and he told me to bring her to next Friday's appt.--"that is if you make it till then" he said with his usual sly smile.

We've taken some bets so far for an actual birth date...

Mom (me): 11-23-08
Dad (Tim): 11-19-08
Leah: 11-22-08
Robyn: 11-17-08
Angi: 11-14-08
Christopher 11/25
Sarah G.: 11/30 (my grampa's b-day)
Eleanor: 11/15
Abigail: 11/19

Please feel free to email me the date you think Frank the Tank will emerge. I think it's pretty amusing to guess and I'll keep the list going. Belly pictures soon I promise!


angi said...

11-14-08 Esabella's B-day but you better hurry it is only a few days away:)

Chris said...

The Gaceks say:
Christopher 11/25
Sarah: 11/30 (my grampa's b-day)
Eleanor: 11/15
Abigail: 11/19

The girls actually pointed to those days. No coaching involved!