Sunday, November 22, 2009

Before the Party

Grandma Nancy and Grandpa John with Frankie

Grandma Connie and Frankie

Frankie and his Grandparents

Frankie got a great set of musical instruments from Grandma Nancy and Grandpa John.

Playing Band

Frankie's new favorite toy--a box!

Playing around.

Reading with Tia Leah.

Frankie and the vintage piggy bank that Tia Leah got him.

He thought it was pretty funny!

Opening his first gift from Matt and Robyn--a wiener book!

And a book about a boy and his fish. A very practical present since Frankie just got his first fish.

A Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You see puzzle and book from Sharon and Jim.

Frankie and Daddy opening up a gift.

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