Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fighting Baby Cougars....

Tim has dreamed of fighting a baby cougar all his life an last night his dream became a reality. Below you can see the damage done to his face by the little feline ninja. Some people will say the baby cougar looked more like a 10 pound dog, but don't believe them--I was there! Today Tim will spend his day recovering with Wii game controllers in his hand and his head held high knowing that he has fought and won the battle of his lifetime. Congratulations Tim!


-s- said...

What's with you Dallums and animals biting your noses? Are they made of pork or something?
But seriously, Tim, I hope you are better soon. And then you can show off your battle scars. Tim: 1, baby cougars: 0!

Leah said...

3 drinks at the vodka bar--$21

One visit to urgent care the next day--$40

The look on Tims face after his dream of fighting baby cougars--PRICELESS!