Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pursuit of What???

Last night we got home and Tim made dinner. It was hot out so we just had sandwiches and some grilled veggies. As we were eating dinner we watched the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness." I have to say that the movie made me so depressed. STOP reading if you haven't seen the movie and don't want know what happens.

First of all this guy is running around trying to make a life for his family selling image scanners back in the 80's that he has spent their whole life savings on. For some reason at that point he cannot sell any and his wife is hysterical because she is working two shifts and he can't sell one. Sometime later in the movie he's interning at this brokerage firm and has to sell the scanners to eat. For some reason he is able to sell them at that point in his life....like he was so determined to sell when they had nothing, but when his wife was frustrated and just burnt out he didn't have the same kind of "get up and go." Then his wife leaves him and his child to go to NY for a better life. What does that say about marriage---well honey when you're busting your #$% to bring home money for us to eat I'll just try to sell a couple of these scanners but I won't try too hard until I'm on my own and really want this new career.

Let's just say that I have a hard time watching sad movies, the Olympics at tense points, even reality TV when someone is getting voted off. 3/4 of this movie was sad and depressing. The end was the only happy part and then you only get to see him accept a job with the brokerage, you don't get to see him spending QT with his kid in their new home or any of those feel good parts of life. So I cried....basically through the whole thing. Yes, you could call me just sappy, moody or whatever, but I just don't like sad movies.

Tonight we'll watch something more happy.....and I won't wake up with swollen eyes.

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