Monday, July 2, 2007

Gettin' Ready

Chicago it's almost here. Tomorrow my friend JP and I leave for our whirlwind trip to Chicago. We'll drive down Tuesday to Milwaukee and stay with my cousin LW overnight. And then...Chicago!! More on that to come later.
Had a great weekend. Friday hung out with the Gacek clan. Had dinner and then hung out in the backyard with SS. Tim and SS built a garden fence. CG and Tim played ladder golf. SG and I held the twins and got a ton of bug bites. But it was all worth it for a wonderful night outside. We closed the evening with the German (original) version of Settlers of Catan, which Steve found at Savers and kindly donated to our game collection. MS and her friend Toni showed up later and the ladies talked while the boys played.
Saturday I met Teresa for coffee in the am. Then I picked Ms. Eleanor up for some auntie time. She spent some time with us smiling and cooing. I got some great pic of her that I'll post later. Saturday evening we went to MW and RW's house for a BBQ. We were the first ones there and last ones to leave. After numerous games of ladder golf and crochet we ended the night with a handy game of Frisbee.
Sunday woke up at 11. Yes, that's right friends, Sarah Dallum slept in. An occurrence that normally never happens to this vibrant creature. Once every three years when the moon is full the SD creeps into a hole of sleepiness and her husband wakes up first. Crazy! Most people wait their lifetimes to see it. Anyways, I woke up and Tim was downstairs playing Zelda. I gardened for most of the afternoon. We were supposed to go to the beach with the Suss/Christopher clan, but would have cut it close with our plans for dinner at J&D's. So, I finished gardening and we went over to J&D's for a splendid dinner of homemade pesto, salad, and strawberry shortcake. It was a beautiful evening so beautiful that we totally lost track of time and stayed till 10.
Today I feel like I could have used a couple of extra hours of sleep, but this week will be pretty quiet in the office so I'm not too worried.
Chat more later.

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