Monday, July 9, 2007

Ohhhhhhh TV

So I haven't yet started working on my pictures and thoughts from the Chicago trip, but they shall come soon. Yes, we had a great time besides some minor road bumps. We were like two sisters who are in high school daring each other to do dangerous things....more to come on that.

The big news is while I was gone Tim (ohhhhh so wonderful husband of mine) threaded the cable wire from the basement to our bedroom. This means I can actually watch some of my favorite shows with out sweating to death. Since we only have one AC unit and it's in our bedroom. This was a fabulous surprise....I did a little happy dance for it. I've begun to have a deep appreciation for the years of cooking shows I missed (I haven't had cable since I moved out of my mom's house 10 years ago). Bottom line is Tim got some major brownie points with me. The house was clean, the flowers and garden grew a foot (I swear I'm not exaggerating) and dinner was made. It kinda makes me sick how cute he is sometimes.

Back to work was fine...they guys are always great. It's so nice to come back to any easy start.

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