Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dessert 1-MC's Birthday Cupcakes

Yesterday I decided to make cupcakes for MC's birthday. I got the recipe from Amy Sedaris' cookbook for vanilla cupcakes. I made the batter and dyed it yellow. Why yellow you ask?--well it's one of MC's favorite colors. Why cupcakes you ask? I decided this yesterday (without telling anyone of course) that I was going to make desserts for Molly's birthday every year. Last year I made a white cake with raspberry filling between the layers and green frosting. The cake, although very good, basically leaned like the Tower of Pisa because it was so hot and humid that day that the frosting wouldn't stay on the cake and kept ripping parts of it off as I was frosting it.
Since I only have a 6 cup cupcake/muffin pan I decided to pour the batter out in the cupcake shells while I waited the 20 minutes for each group to bake.

I made homemade butter cream frosting and dyed it pink. Well, I was actually going for red, but lacked the amount red dye to make it happen. And once again pink is my signature color.

While the cupcakes and frosting were cooling I decided to take the rest of the frosting I had and dye that purple so I could add little purple dots to the cupcakes.

Finished product. They definitely turned out super cute. The actual cupcakes themselves weren't as moist as I like them. Next time I'll take them out of the oven a little sooner. I think everyone enjoyed them...

Plus they go great with PBR right??? We had a great night bowling and having fun. So what if white sand beaches entice me to go swimming in the mighty Mississippi. It was the result of the champagne I tell you. The night ended around 4am. What a party. Miss MC had a real blast.


molly said...

So can we start a new club called the river rats? i heart you much.

Sparklegirl said...

OMG, I still can't believe y'all went swimming in the Mighty Miss! So brave! ;)

-s- said...

MMMMMMMMM cupcakes ghghgghhghhghhgh