Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pasta Personal Challenge #1

Last night I finally broke down and bought a past roller/cutter from Cooks of Crocus Hill. I had a gift certificate that someone generously gave me rand decided to use the rest of it to get this little present I've been pining after for some time. The picture above is one of the things that sent me spinning....good ole' Martha. I found this picture and a recipe for pasta making in my most recent Living Magazine. Tonight when I get home before kickball I'm going to start the process let's see what happens. I'm going to attempt the beet past shown above. Now let's just note that I haven't ever made past before and most people start with just basic recipes, but I say why not try the hard stuff. Life's more interesting that way. I'll take pictures and post later. Plus, I need to continue sharing my Chicago adventure. Wow, I'm way behind in my blogging. Too many hot summer nights and drinks...that's what happens.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Hi Sara,

I got your form for joining the Foodie Blogroll, but you did not leave your email address so I cannot send yo uthe code. Sorry!

Sparklegirl said...

OK, slightly unrelated to this post, but I lovelovelove your new header image! :) Gorgeous!