Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The MN Fair

A couple of weeks ago The Dallums made it to the MN State Fair. We had a great day in the sun eating, watching people and hunting for free stuff. Check out the link below for pictures from our visit last year My how time flies...I can't believe it's been so long.
Frankie loved riding the bus on the way to the fair.

Getting ready to enter the MN Fair.

Frankie chomping at the bit!

First stop french fries.

Yum! Frankie loves fries.

Look at the cow Frankie!

The Pig touches a piglet.

Frankie and Tim searching for more animals.

Frankie watching the baby ducks.

Future Franks of America

The Piglet riding a pig.

Looking at the flowers and eating a apple cider Popsicle.

What a cool scarecrow.

Frankie loves bees!

Tim eats a taco on a stick!

Family Picture

Frankie got cool new sun glasses!

Frankie decides it's more fun to eat his sun glasses then to wear them.

Frankie tries his first Pronto Pup.

Frankie and mom watching a cooking demo.

Frankie trying to eat Tim's Pronto Pup hat.

Senator Amy Klobuchar--who later told me that Frankie was a very cute baby while I in passing said thank you to her for all the work she's done for MN children.

Family Portrait #2

Stewie Dallum?

Mom and Frankie getting excited while Daddy plays a MN scratch off game. And that's how we ended our day at the MN Fair--no money left, but super full and ready for bed!

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