Thursday, September 17, 2009

WI Trip

A couple of weeks ago we spent a wonderful weekend in WI with my cousins, an old highschool friend and some family friends that have been a part of my life since I was 5.
Emma made a play house for Frankie.

Emma and Frankie playing.

Greg, Frankie and Tim playing.

Olivia, Frankie, Sarah and Emma jumping on the trampoline.

Tim and Frankie hanging out.

Uncle Mac and Frankie

Lisa and Frankie

Climbing stairs

The kids caught a toad!

Janet and Frankie

Emma and Will

All the kids before their walk.

Jack pushing Frankie.

Lynn and Frankie

Lisa and Lynn play with Frankie.

The kids and Frankie

Sue and Frankie
We spent a gorgeous Sunday with Jamie, Brielle, and Joel. We BBQ's and finally had time to sit down and chat.

Frankie and Brielle our friend Jamie and Joel's daughter.

Jamie, Frankie, Sarah and Brielle

Frankie and Brielle hanging out.

Push me Dad!

Frankie loves to swing.

Love these two!

Sunday night we went to The Cordell's house for dinner and to spend the night.
Cherry pie baked specifically for me by Carol.

Martha and Frankie. I've known Martha since I was 5!

Carol and Frankie

Frankie on the ride home!

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