Monday, September 14, 2009

CA Day 4 Off to Pasadena!

On Monday we went to Pasadena to meet up with our college buddy Steve and his wonderful lady Ann. Ann got accepted in to Clairmont near Pasadena for grad school, so she's moved down there from San Fran. It was great to be able to meet up with them and introduce them to Frankie.
Auntie Allie enjoying her morning with Frankie.

Steve and Ann meet Frankie.

Mixed veggies or french fries?

Steve and Frankie

Ann and Frankie

Tim and Steve

Ann and Sarah


The Crew

After Pasadena we went back to Major and Karen's new gorgeous house.

Allie, Leah and I getting ready to jump in the pool.

Frankie and Uncle Maymay

Frankie and Grandma playing on the couch.

Frankie and Tia Leah

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