Saturday, August 23, 2008

Franklin Goes to the Fair!

Okay so we all know that I'm a little weird...that's pretty obvious. We went to the fair last night and I thought it would be really funny to take some pictures of my belly all over the fair grouds. Yes, I realize some people may find this a little creepy, but I'm also the person who dressed up as a pirate for my bachelorette party. Hopefully you will all enjoy the pictures whether you laugh or file it under "Sarah will calm down after the baby's born.

Franklin's fair ticket.

Franklin watches a baby cow.
Franklin visits the baby ducks.

Future Franklins of America
Bucket O' Fries

Mom and Dad on the sky gklider over the fair grounds.

Dad gettin' ready to farm.

Franklin's first pickle on a sitck.

Pronto Pup

Franklin, Mark Wheat (The Current) and Mom.

Mom and Dad enjoying The Current live.

Franklin crowd watching.

Franklin's first sugar high.

"I promise to bring my own bag because...of Franklin.

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