Thursday, September 20, 2007

Greens and BLAT!

Two nights ago we went over to M&S's house for dinner with them and the G Clan. That means 6 adults, 4 children and two dogs all around one dining room table. It's the best. We used to do dinners like this all the time...and I miss them, so this was a great addition to my week. M served her famous black eyed pea stew and greens and I contributed the wine and my grandma's corn bread. I started thinking about how much I love greens. I just don't make them a lot because Tim's not a big fan of Southern food (mainly beans and greens), although I think he would do anything for the cornbread. So, M was kind enough to give me some greens from their garden and I made them last night along with our favorite BLAT.

Molly's Greens

A bunch of kale, chard, whatever greens you have

2-4 cloves of garlic


I added bacon grease from the BLAT

-Wash your greens really well

-Strip them off their stems

-Cut in whatever way you want

-Heat wok or saute pan

-Add bacon grease

-Throw in greens and top with garlic and butter

-Toss greens with garlic and butter add salt and pepper to taste


Otherwise know as bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomatoe

Assemble ingredients above plus ciabatta and Dijon mustard

You know how this goes...cook bacon, wash lettuce, cut avocado and tomatoe (season with salt and pepper). I like to use Dijon mustard instead of mayo. Tim still only uses the mayo.

What an awesome supper. Tim even ate his greens! We rounded out the night with the last remnants of the Grand Ole' Creamery ice cream we had left over. Chocolate brownie and what the Minnesotans call peppermint bon bon (really mint chocolate chip). The Grand Ole' Creamery just moved in about 1/2 a mile from out house. It's really dangerous!!!!

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