Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Camping Meals

Ramen noodles and tuna sandwiches.
Oatmeal on a cold wet morning.

Canned chili and garlic bread.

Omelet in a bag and bacon. Thanks for the recipe mom.

Pasta with canned pasta sauce and garlic bread.

Bologna and cheese sandwiches on the road.

Franks and beans our first warm camping meal
Of course we had a couple of additional meals that I forgot to take pics of like warm turkey and cheese sandwiches in the Pudgy Pie Maker with fried potatoes and pancake, eggs and bacon (for dinner). We also ate out in Deadwood at the Social Club, SD with our friends Carey, Brian, Jeremy and Tyler. I had Beef Burgundy and Tim had Shrimp Capellini. The trip was amazing more pics to come.

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