Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Garden

Okay, this first picture isn't of the garden, but Radar is just so cute sitting on the picnic table that I had to put him first. He's been so anxious to get out and play and since it's been raining every day for about the last week and a half yesterday was a happy day for him. The sun peaked out just long enough for a couple of great pictures.

Radar, otherwise known as "Mister Mister, Darsy, The DAR and Poodle Beard

Up close and personal with our coleus.

At least the cherry tomatoes are still happy.

Thai basil and nasturtiums

purple cone flowers and purple fountain grass

Black Eyed Susans

Our front "unmowed" lawn.
The heirloom, Roma and big boy tomatoes are looking a little sad. Production has definitely slowed down. The purple and green peppers are looking water sogged. The basil is great and I definitely have to make some more pesto. I might get another zucchini or two. The sunflowers are being eaten by the morning glories and finally I got no green beans. Lots of blossoms, but I think the morning glories ate them all. At this point I'm just trying to use all of it along with the veggies I get from our CSA at Harmony Valley Farms

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