Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Bridge

I guess I don't know what to think when the bridge 2 miles from my house collapses into the Missippi River. My husband and I use this bridge several times a week to go to friends houses, stores and to Duluth. It's crushing to know/realize how this will affect our community. I know someone who was on the bridge--her back is broken in two places, her feet are crushed and she has loads of stiches. My heart goes out to you BK and JG for a speedy recovery and healing inside and out. What I do know is even though the phone lines were down I was able to make/ receive calls to the friends and family who make up my life. Knowing that I was once again truly cared about melted my heart and humbled me. We have such a wonderfully blessed life. Words really cannot express how horrible this all is in a fiscal and emotional way and how it will impact our city. This is "the bridge" that connects Minneapolis and St. Paul not just a two lane skipper crossing the river. It truly puts in perspective the value of human life. It will be years before this city and it's inhabitants get back to normal....but then again what is normal anyways.
Please send your positive energy and prayers to BK and JG and all the others who were deeply affected by this.

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