Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Off to the Children's Museum

Many moths ago Grandma Nancy and Auntie Kathy gave Frankie a membership to the Children's Museum. We waited till this month to start using it (kids under one are free) so we could use it more while the weather prevented us from going outdoors. This weekend was a perfect excuse. Thank you Grandma Nancy and Auntie Kathy for such a wonderful gift.
Frankie's biggest thrill these days is crawling up things.

He was a little frightened of going down.

Get that fish Frankie.

He's going to be one great MN fisherman.

Frankie rings the bells.

Playing with blocks.

Frankie loves climbing

Frankie climbing the rope ladder.

Biting the spider.

Climbing the web.

The Recycle exhibit--they had a bunch of doors laying sideways to make a ring. Inside the ring was a bunch of toys, puppets and cardboard boxes.

Ahhh the water exhibit--Frankie's favorite.

Checking out the colors and shapes.

I can grocery shop with the best of them.

Pushing buttons makes things light up.
What a strange round ball.
Jump, jump.

I can walk on this too Daddy!

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