Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The New Kitchen Floor

Last weekend with the help of our neighbors we ripped up our kitchen linoleum and had our kitchen floor refinished. It turned out amazing.

I took the incentive to take everything down off the walls and give the kitchen a good cleaning.

This is my "Tim why are you taking a picture of me watching dishes" face.

Mason helped Tim pull up the linoleum and plywood.

I have no idea what Mason was saying here, but it's a pretty funny pic.

Tim working hard.

They had to move the fridge and oven into our living room. In order to do this they had to remove the doors off the fridge. I took that as another incentive to clean. So, J9 came over and helped me clean out the fridge while Lois (Miles' and Frances' grandma) took Frankie to the park. It was wonderful having so much help.

The floor bare and ready to be sanded.

After day 1 of sanding.

Close up

This is after day 1 with the poly 1st coat.
Birch refinished floor--It's beautiful! The colors are all marbled together. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it makes our other floors look horrible. Thank you again to everyone who helped. We couldn't have done it as easily without you.

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molly said...

Awesome job, you guys! I know how hard it is to get those floors just right, they look terrific!!