Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trip to Kicking Mule Farm

Franklin drooling away.

Frances helping to make brownies.

Miles and Frances cleaning the brownie bowl.

Such a typical Frances face..half sweet and half dangerous.

Thining out the collards to give to the chickens.

Feeding the chickens.

Frances instructing Tim on how to catch a chicken.

Frances and her chicken.

Tim and his chicken.

Yes, I caught one too.

Miles and his double chicken catch.

Radar trying to catch a chicken.

The movable chicken coop. Designed so the chickens always have fresh grass and insect pickins.

The garden.

More garden.

The toilet.


Tim's injury from Steve's tailpipe.

A nice view.

Radar relaxing after numerous hours of chasing the mule.

The outdoor movie theater.

Making adjustments before watching Iron Man.

Frances feeding Frankie.

Tim and Frankie enjoying a peaceful morning at the farm.

Frances playing with Frankie.

Still trying to crawl.



More lettuce

Eggplant blossum

Filling the CSA box.

Frances on Ted's shoulders.

Frances lovin' Radar.

Steve taking part in the hula hooping contest.

The three amigos.

Miles holding Frankie.

Frances holding Frankie.

Frankie chewing his first green bean.
On the way home.

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