Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Basement Project

Thanks to the help of Ryan, Tim completed our first big house project on March 21st. We had decided on three larger projects at the beginning of the year: expoxy the basement floor along with a basement makeover including new storage containers and painting the cider block walls, put in a new 6 foot cedar fence, and install a ventilation fan in the bathroom. We decided to complete the basement project first since it necessitate warm weather. Tim first moved all the boxes and storage containers to the spare bedroom and then he washed the floor. The washer, dryer and shelves all had to be moved to one side of the basement before Ryan and Tim could start. Then the painting began. As you can see they started on one end on Saturday and finished Sunday with the other end. Ryan found some new old paintings under the the painted cinder blocks. After the project was finished Mason, Ryan and Tim moved in our new washer and dryer. The basement now looks clean and organized. We still have a bit of painting to do, but it looks amazing.

Tim starts his corner.

Ryan working hard.

A close up of the color.

The paintings found underneath the old paint.

Ryan working to uncover the old paintings.

Tim supervising Ryan.
The finished storage corner.

Tim's completed tool area.

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Yay! So glad you're posting again. :)