Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back and Blogging Again

So it's been 3 months and 1 day since my last blog in March. A lot has happened since then. The biggest reason that I haven't had time to post is that on April 1st T and I found out that we would be expecting a new "backyardigin" at the beginning of December. Other than that thrilling news we've managed to expoxy our basement floor, wish some friends good luck at their new homestead, add a new high efficiency washer and dryer, go on a fishing trip, move work locations, camp with some great new friends, travel to Grand Marais, build a new garden box, hold a benefit for a dear friend, greet a new member of our extended family (we love you Georgie) and as of today build a new fence!

I'm 17 weeks along as of today and feeling great. The second trimester has brought a breath of fresh air to both our lives. I no longer fall into a deep sleep at 8:00 every night and I actually have enough energy to cook again. AND cut my hair off, which was a great and much needed event. The rest of the summer is going to be pretty busy for us as I take a 4th of July trip with my dear friend J9, my sister and niece come for a long awaited visit, we fly to CA for my niece's wedding and we take numerous trips to the Lake Elora cabin with T's family.

I'm hoping to catch up today with a couple of new posts. I haven't tried many new recipes, but I'll be getting to it as the garden grows a bit. Below is a pic from my 11 week visit to the doctor. I just started to feel the faint kicks, bumps, prods from "the bud" as we like to call it.

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-s- said...

Welcome back!!!!! My lunch hours will now be complete!