Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank You's

We have a large list of people to thank for allowing us to have a safe, enjoyable and super fun trip to Colorado. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone...
Nancy and John: for the sweet Toyota 4 Runner. The trip was much more safe and comfortable thanks to you.
Mason and Laura: for watching our house, watering our plants, picking up the veggies, DVD's, earings, chairs, sleeping pads and everything else you do. We're so lucky to have you as friends.
Marc and Amanda: for the car topper, chairs and electrical outlet. We needed the extra space!
Carin, Mike and Henry: for the great portable DVD player. Nap time was so much easier.
Kickin' Mule Farms: for the lettuce, trains and watching Radar for over a week. Not only are you great farmers, but wonderful and generous friends.
The McCartneys: for extra music and watching the kitties while we were gone. They loved the company.
The Gaceks: for burning us new DVD's for the road. Thanks to you Frank now knows all his A, B, C's.
Shane and Family: for mowing our lawn while we were away. What a treat!
Connie: for flying to Denver to help us take care of Frank so we could have a fantastic time with the Niemis and Boyds.
The Niemis and Boyds: for providing us with a wonderful excuse to have a family vacation, inspiring us to make new friends and reminding us what family and friends are all about.
Shanna: for lending me the dehydrator for camping snacks. Yum!
For anyone else I'm forgetting please know that we enjoyed every minute of our trip. It was so much fun and so wonderful to see the Great Outdoors through the eyes of a little one.

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