Friday, June 19, 2009

Auntie Pegge comes to visit!

Pegge took some fabulous pics of Frankie.

Tim and Frankie at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Pegge also took some great pics of our animals. Evie in her finest.

Grandma and Frankie

Ohhh Snackie!

Frankie likes to dump all his toys out of his toy basket and chew on the strings of the basket liner. Anything is chewable at this point.

Mom and Frankie in Stillwater.

Another great close up by Auntie Pegge.

Daddy and Frankie in Stillwater.

Grandma and Frankie laughing.

Frankie can get up on all fours now and spends a lot of time scooting backwards.

Frankie at Sea Salt our favorite outdoor eatery.

Auntie Pegge and Frankie in Stillwater.

Pegge, Tim and Sarah enjoying the nice weather at Sea Salt.

Tim and Pegge best buddies!

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Sparklegirl said...

Those are some unbelievable photos! Peggie's got a great eye.