Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Frank's First Visit to Milwaukee

Jack and Frankie hanging out with Auntie Janet.

Frankie trying to roll.

Frankie first swing with mommy.

Margie and Emma holding Frankie.

Frankie trying to rollover for Olivia, Emma and Auntie Margie.

Hanging out on the trampoline--Leah, Frankie, Sarah and Emma.

Leah and Frankie

Tim, Leah and Frankie enjoying the sun.

Hanging out on the porch.

Grandma Sue holding Frank.

Uncle Greg, Daddy and Frankie hanging out in the sun.

Emma and Olivia performing for us.

Tim and Frankie outside.

Auntie Lynn and Frankie

Auntie Lynn, Auntie Leah and Frankie

Aunite Lynn and Frankie

Frankie wearing his new Summer hat.

Auntie Lisa holding Frankie while Wil tries to make him laugh.

Aunite Margie

Grandma Sue watching Lynn and Jack and Leah and Frankie ride horsies.

Uncle Willie and Frankie

Uncle Greg and Frankie

Olivia, Frankie and Emma

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