Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Frankie Tries to Roll Over While Visiting Duluth

Frankie's been trying to roll for about a week now.  He's getting more wiggly while we change diapers and he's always trying to turn to the left.  BTW we think he might be left handed!  Anyways, unencumbered by his his cloth diaper this weekend he tried again and almost succeeded.

Try #1 with Auntie Amanda

He's really trying hard.

Try #2 with Grandma Nancy and Daddy

On his back.

Swinging the leg over.

Trying to use his hands.

He hasn't quite got the hang out it yet...but don't worry we'll get there soon enough!

1 comment:

Scott and Miranda said...

Cute! That would be great if he was a lefty! I am :) That's funny that he always goes left. Bella for sure always goes right, and I was wondering if that meant that she would probably be right-handed. Interesting. Can't wait to get our babies together to play soon. We miss you!