Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stroller and New Favorite Toy

Frankie has a favorite toy.  Barb and Lee (pur daycare providers) lent us this bear/blankie thing and Frankie loves it.  Below you'll see a couple of pictures with him and the toy. 

Frankie snuggling BEAR.

Frankie loving BEAR.

Frankie eating BEAR.  It's chewable and that's the real reason he loves it.

Last Tuesday we met Kristen for lunch at the Rosedale Mall.  It was Frankie's first visit to a mall and his first ride in his stroller.  He loved it and sat up really well the whole time.  These pictures are before we left as we were practicing to make sure he could sit up in it.

Notice the cool ACDC shirt from Auntie Leah.  He's a rockin' baby.

I love his chubby cheaks.

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