Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby Stuff--here it comes....

When you find out you're having a baby people start sharing. It's really a blessing to have so many wonderful people in our life. Already we have friends who have lent us maternity clothes, swings, baby clothes, recipes for cloth diaper care, time, and books! Below I've captured a few photos of the some of the wonderful gifts we have received...some were made, some were bought and still others were handed down from the past. We're very grateful for everything!

One of two cars seats given to us by my sister Kiki, my brother Major and my sister Karen.

A rocking chair from KL.
The blanket Coons made for Franklin. Tim was given this one as a special gift. She also made a C3PO sweatshirt to go along with the blanket.

Booties made by Coons and Michelle. Take a look at the brown ones--they're cowboy boots!

A great star snuggle to take the little guy home in. This was purchased at the MN Fair by Grandma Nancy.

An old hat made by my sister for me when I was born, a hat made by Coons and two pirate hats bought by Auntie Leah.

Wraps and slings. My niece Christina who has just had her second child gave my the green sling on top to carry Franklin. Her first son Jonas was carried in this at our wedding. The shawls below were made by Coons for breastfeeding.

A little snugly traveling suit given to us by one of my sister's great friends Freddie.

Drawer 1: All newborn items handed down to us by my niece Christina. We also received a great outfit from our fairy godmother Beverly. She's know me since I was born!

Drawer 2 (3-6 months): Clothes we received at the CA shower from Millie and Sylvia just to name a few.

Drawer 3 (6-12 months): Notice the pirate shirt. This was given to us by Auntie Leah. She likes to encourage the Pirates of Caribbean obsession I have.

Drawer 4 (12-18 months): Clothes given by Auntie Pegge and Rachael.

Jack and Jill ran up the hill from Grandma Nancy.
Hey diddle diddle the cat and his fiddle the cow jumped over the moon from Grandma Nancy.

Mary had a little lamb from Grandma Nancy.

Coonsie's Gift: 3 fitted bed sheets, 1 bed skirt, a quilt, a pillow and bumper cushion. Also pictured Tank the Teddy made for us by one of my sister's BFF's. A large and small Scottie dog that was made by my grandmother for Rachael and handed down to us. A little teddy from Millie.
Another shot of the handmade bed linens.

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