Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Budrick Updates

For all you Bud lovers out there here are some updates.
Daily News
Bud is kicking non-stop pretty much all day long and I can actually see him kick my stomach.
He moves constantly, but I can always tell where his feet are.
Auntie Kiki, Micah, Dad, Grandma Nancy, Grandpa John and Auntie Allie have all felt the Bud kick.
Doctor's Appointment 7-24-08
Dr. M says all the ultrasound reports came back great.
I have lost another 2lbs. That's 10 pounds lost all together.
Ultrasound 7-18-08
I knew he was a boy even before the ultrasound tech said it.
Bud was laying across my lower abdomen.
Bud measured exactly 20 weeks 5 days.
Auntie Kiki says he has big feet and hands.
Grandma Nancy says the pictures already look like Tim.
Tim saw Bud move for the first time.
My baby boy the pirate.

It's a mini package.

What a fine back you have.

Large foot

Mini Dallum

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-s- said...

Too bad he's betrothed to Eleanor as Abigail, too, had and has big feet. They could commiserate about shoe size.